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Posted by Walt on May 20, 2004 at 10:03:20:

In Reply to: Computers posted by Jonah on May 20, 2004 at 09:01:57:

I replaced my venerable USD Scan4 last year with a Suunto Vyper (gave the Scan4 to my daughter). Main reason is that I like an air integrated computer which monitors consumption rate and computes air remaining. Its also a little harder to lose with the hose being attached and all ;-)

The Suunto models use the new micro-bubble models. The Vyper also has some nice built-in features:
- 3 diver models for physical condition - you pick the model that matches your level of fitness; builds in some safety
- 3 altitude adjustment models (Again, select the altitude range and it adjusts the model)
- automatic safety stop count down
- Air, Nitrox, and guage modes (selectable)
- User-adjustable backlite time (convenient for night diving)

The battery life is also a lot better than my Scan4, though I do miss the 4's nice large numerals (Dive Rite has a wrist mount that has large numbers for those of us in the over 40 set). However, due to a shorter hose on the Vyper I found that it mounts really nicely on my shoulder D-ring, so its always where I can glance at it.

Although it can download to a PC, the cable is around $100 and I don't feel its worth it (plus I log each dive anyway). This is one area I don't like on teh Suunto - retrieving daves past the most recent is more difficult than my Scan4 or my wife's Oceanic.

If you only want a simple computer for a console mount and don't plan on Nitrox diving, I'd look seriously at the less expensive (such as Aeris models) - little over $140. One of my thoughts was to just get an air and depth guage and mount a computer on it. This way if the computer fails (and they do), using my log, I could continue diving.

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