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Posted by Ross-O on June 23, 2004 at 18:19:17:

In Reply to: Re: White Seabass posted by stephen clark on June 23, 2004 at 17:10:52:

Hi Guys,

I'm glad that we have a lot of guys who are vegetarian and don't kill any sea creatures, but you have to admit that if you're going to eat seafood that gathering it yourself using your own hands or a speargun is the best way to do it in terms of reducing damage to the ecosystem and minimizing the suffering of the animal that is to be consumed. There is no by catch, no collateral damage from nets/tackle, and the hunter chooses exactly what animal to take based on rules & regulations are that are decided upon by (hopefully) intelligent people. I know there is lots of room for debate here, but that is a different thread.

I've fallen in love with the ocean out here and I'm pretty much non-consumptive, but growing up deep in the woods of Southern Alabama I've pulled the trigger on dozens of deer and almost every other little furry thing that is rumored to taste good. It wasn't about sport, or being fair to the animal, or anything like that - it was all about putting tasty food on the table. My hunting was no different than all of the hours I spent in the garden growing vegetables or all of the trees (usually already dead) that I sawed up for fire wood to stay warm in the winter. It's about living a comfortable life while trying to make the best decisions we can.

Like I said - I have *tremendous* respect for Brad and all of the other vegetarians. However, I also think that you should give LaBugMan a bit of a break. He's not doing such a bad thing if you accept that he's going to eat the fish.

I don't know LaBugMan, but I know hunters and most of us are pretty much alike. While I bet he didn't pray to the spirit of the WSB for a week or whatever the Indians did, I'm also betting that he treated the fish with respect. I'm sure he killed it skillfully and didn't allow it to suffer. He probably cleaned it skillfully and preserved as much of the meat as possible for consumption. He will enjoy it with this family or friends. He will share his stories of swimming in the ocean and gathering food with his kids and friends. It's not evil - it's being an omnivore.

Just an opinion...

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