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Posted by jlyle on November 22, 2004 at 09:37:01:

In Reply to: Re: "Feel Good" Behavior posted by Max Bottomtime on November 21, 2004 at 23:46:10:

Discussion is good. Let me jump in here:

First, the largest lobsters can't get into commercial traps, the entries are too small; the commercial guys are not the culprits. Large lobsters are taken only by sports divers.

Taking all the large lobsters leads to only having small lobsters left to take. (Look at the sheephead. When was the last time you saw any really big supermales?).

The large lobsters are mega breeders, especially the large females.

From what I've seen in the stomachs of the lobsters I've cleaned, I doubt that much cannibalism occurs in the wild. (If a large bug were to eat a few shorts would it really have any negative impact the fishery?)

I would like to see California adopt a slot system for taking lobsters, say 3.25 inch minimum and ??? inch maximum. Such a system worked in New England and has turned their fishery around from a previous decline.

Our ocean is a precious resource for us and we need to openly talk about how to protect it. If releasing the ten-pounders (when was the last time you saw one?) will possibly help to ensure the future of lobster hunting in Southern California, then I'll do it. If someone wants to take and keep a trophy bug, that's okay, but I want them to at least think about what many of us are advocating.

I also urge you to report any illegal lobster traps on the front side of Catalina or inside Santa Monica Bay to F&G. If you know of anyone poaching lobsters, taking shorts, or overlimits, turn the SOBs in.

Jim (jlyle)

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