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Posted by jeff Shaw on February 15, 2005 at 18:28:23:

In Reply to: Grifting Dan, the Play posted by Max Bottomtime on February 15, 2005 at 17:51:37:

Scene Two:

Scene opens in a once stylish lawyers boardroom that has been filled with rolling bakers racks lined with case-files stuffed with crumpled papers.
There are half of a dozen interns seated.

Laywer Scott: OK people listen up. We have a phenomenal opportunity here I want to hear any Ideas no matter how absurd.

The interns rustle and start scribbling.

Scott: We have a cash rich industry here that we can take to the cleaners if we do it right.

Intern Sally: Hey mabey we can force all divers to get a license with some proceeds going to the Carlock fund for wayward divers.

Intern Ben: Yea and we can get a splash tax for each giant slide.

Intern Stan: That's stride Ben.

Intern Ben: OK whatever, a buck a splash. And half of it goes to the Dandy Dan Orphan fund for lost New Advanced Divers.

Intern Melanie: OH! OH! I GOT IT... A DEPTH TAX. They will have to keep a depth score cards like those baloney divers.

Intern Ben: I didn't know that baloney was a seafood...

Lawyer Scott: Team, This is a great start. But what ever you do don't anger those commercial guys. We don't want any pressure from the government.

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