I get it. and I use it most every weeend.

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Posted by Chuck Tribolet on February 28, 2005 at 19:14:16:

In Reply to: You still don't get it. posted by northcoast diver on February 28, 2005 at 17:21:53:

Certainly choosing an appropriate tank size is
important. I never said it wasn't. I said sizing
for a short dive at a low exertion level was a bad
idea. A substantial reserve is a real good idea,
so when stuff happens, like a heavy current, or an
OOA diver, you don't have to cut the dive short,
or bolt for the surface. The dives in your "best
mix" profile are shorter than the dives I do at
those depths. You assumed a low exertion level.
You assumed nobody ran out of gas. Stuff happens.

Yes, I've never taken a technical diving course
for open circuit. I'm not an open circuit
technical diver, I'm a recreational diver.

It's not the disagreement, it's the foolishness
of your basic premise and the way your morph the
question every time there's a good logial
response. I pointed out the above stuff about
needing a reserve, and you say I've never learned
to choose the proper tank size. Somebody asked
about why you were using 50% for deco on the
first dive of the "best mix" series, and you just
never answered. I pointed out that you were doing
a no stop ascent to the surface, and you never

And BTW, I don't think much of those who respond
to you with random flaming either.


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