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Posted by Divedemon on March 28, 2000 at 19:56:48:

In Reply to: Re: Nitrox- Poll question posted by kelphead on March 28, 2000 at 18:48:12:

Many great comments on this topic. I think Kelphead 's memo is a good example of why nitrox hasn't taken off, which is the lack of understanding of the benefits of nitrox. I too once pondered the use of nitrox and became even more confused when I spoke to others. Here is what I concluded so far based on experience and numerous conversations.

I believe nitrox is beneficial for multi-day diving (increased dive profile when doing the 5 day trip in the tropics), extended time for hunting, and increased safety/reduced deco time for deep diving. If you do any one of these, then nitrox may be for you.

With respect to popularity in California, I have come to realize that not that many people do this type of diving and the average diver will run out of air before bottom time. So why spend the money for tanks, regs computers etc when you aren't going to extend your time unless you carrying HP 120's or doubles. Of course there is the added cost of maintenance for the corrosion/oxidation factor.

Yes it will increase your safety if you have flat bottom below MOD, but what if you are on that wall/canyon and you have the need to drop below your MOD or perhaps your buddy gets in trouble and drags you below your MOD. Do you want to risk PO2 toxicity? So I think safety is subjective.

In regard to the feel good theory, I personally feel less tired after a dive and I am convinced that it is due to offgassing an increased amount of nitrogen.

As for boats, I inquired to one boat owner when they were going to do onboard nitrox fills. Their response was that they had heard of some accidents with other boat owners who have nitrox systems and they are still hesitant on putting a system in the hull of their boat. This was only their opinion and I'm sure that many will disagree, but I can see their point.

Therefore, until the demand increases, there is a reduction in cost and increased awareness, I believe that nitrox will remain uncommon on the California Coast.

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