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Posted by seahunt on August 02, 2000 at 10:40:43:

In Reply to: Re: Importance of Nitrox posted by MHK on August 01, 2000 at 16:19:50:

While I basically agree with you about NITROX, I
think I can give some of the reasons it hasn't
gained a lot of popularity.
First off, it can become expensive. It's not a problem
for a 2 or 3 tank trip on the Lois Ann, but on a two
day trip on the Peace in winter, it is easy to do 11
tanks. The cost of NITROX for those dives could
approach half the cost of the trip. When I can, I
do a lot of diving. Using NITROX would substantially
increase my overall cost. Just 120 tanks a year
would bump up the cost near $1000.
Second... Hmmm. I can't come up with a good second
except maybe the horsey cart. NITROX is not always
easy or convenient to get. Here is room for your
opinion. I do trips to Catalina, dive 3 tanks at
night, fill up in the morning at Ismus and dive
again. Now, if I wanted to use NITROX for my first
dives, I can't, cuz I can't get them filled again
and I can't reasonably bring 5 or 6 tanks.
Why are they so dead set on not allowing people to
use the same tank for air and NITROX? Yes, there is
a potential problem if you forget, but aside from
that (and I do mean aside from that, cuz I don't
forget), does it really matter? If you say yes,
you had better be very convincing, cuz I really
don't think it could matter. I'm far more worried
about CO or hydrocarbon contamination.
Enjoy, seahunt

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