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Posted by MHK on August 01, 2000 at 16:19:50:

In Reply to: Importance of Nitrox posted by Wayne on August 01, 2000 at 15:49:45:

The other option of course is that rather than the shops investing in a membrane, the could buy a few H-bottles and partial pressure blend. Other than Jim @ Scuba Toys, Rocky @ Scubahaus and Carter @ Mailbu I'm not aware of other shops.. Oh wait, I forgot Diver's discount and one other whose name I can't remeber in San pedro that pump Nitrox.

This is definatley a dog behind the cart scenario. The shops say no one wants it, the boats say it's hard to implement and the diver's say it's too hard to get.

The Peace, Sand Dollar, Lois Anee and the Blue Escape pump Nitrox but from my conversations with Eric ( Peace ) and Manny ( Blue Escape ) it's running about break even.

There are of course others that are way behind the times and still view Nitrox as some sort of voodo gas.

I have heard all the aguements, I have done all the research, I have done all the diving, and for thr life of me I can not understand the behind the times mentality that permiates our community. Most of the diving community has moved on from the Nitrox debate and are now discussing normoxic amd hyperoxic trimixes and yet we are still discussing the benefits of Nitrox. To me it's a foregone conclusion that Nitrox CLEARLY is a accepted medium of diving and that anyone who suggests otherwise is primitive in their thougths. It's comparative to the rancor that surrounded the introduction of computers in diving. The naysayers will always present a viewpoint that is from the scare tactic mentality. Those that do the research, those that do the diving willrecognize the benefits and move forward and not look back..


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