Re: wreck penetrable or not????

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Posted by Jason on August 03, 2000 at 02:44:03:

In Reply to: wreck penetrable or not???? posted by MHK on August 02, 2000 at 16:07:07:

Mandatory mix, line, buddy, cert??

Mike, you've been spending too much time in other states.

You no longer have any respect for the individual diver
to make their choices if you really believe all this.

The bottom is at 100ft - I see no reason why people
can't do it on air, especially if they're not going
to head straight for the sand.

The line isn't needed for those staying on the outside,
maybe even for those just ducking their head inside.

Certs? There are plenty of OW certed divers with
far more experience than I would claim.

And we've talked about the buddy thing. I'm still happy
to be in California where the individual is responsible
for their safety.

Are some people going to do stupid things there? Probably.
Some may not come back. We've seen this on other
California wrecks. So the charters are going to have to
be blunt that this is not a kiddie wreck like the others
there. That penetration is not recommended for those w/o
training or experience. But after that...I would be pretty
ticked off if access to the wreck was restricted by
any qualifying criteria. That's not what I paid money into.

I agree that putting stages inside would be bad. I think
some might use them to extend their BT rather than use it
in a pinch that shouldn't happen anyhow. It might not hurt
for boats to hang a stage off the side of the boat though.

How well protected is this wreck from winter storms? Can we
expect it to hold up for a good long time/forever? With
a couple more sinkings like this, SD could have the west coast
version of Truk, for the experienced diver.

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