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Posted by Jason on August 03, 2000 at 19:00:20:

In Reply to: Slang & jason responses attached posted by MHK on August 03, 2000 at 18:10:35:

Mike - you point to the downsides of an careless diver
killing himself. Lawsuits, bad rep, etc. This is the
problem we should be solving. We need to get rid of the
PADI bullshit that diving is completely safe and tell these
OW divers that if they fuck up, they may die and its their
own damned fault. My instructor gives a version of this
speech to all of his students after their 4th dive, before
they do any as certified divers.

If I get my shit together and write out a will any time
soon, it will specifically say that if I die diving, it
is against my wishes for any sort of litigation to occur
unless someone acted so negiglently that people like you
and Terry think it warranted.

Later you mention the deaths at Ginnie Springs as proof
that people won't obey limits. I think you reach to say
that - how many deaths are there? Compared to how many
cavern divers? One death is more noticable than 1000 divers.
Look at the repuation of Monastery Beach.

If you're asking me, I see no difference between entering
a cave untrained, and entering a wreck. Foolish to do so
for most, but not my call.

You also know that I would never recommend to someone else
that they dive alone, and have castigated others for making
such a recommendation. Only that person can make the call.

My closing thought before racquetball - is it not possible
to do a 40 min dive at 70ft on the outside of this ship?
Or even further down, how is this wreck any worse than
the Palawan? It too had many holds to invite people in,
and a bit more depth as well.

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