Re: I think you're wrong Jim . . . (MHK please read also)

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Posted by John Walker on August 11, 2000 at 18:46:21:

In Reply to: Re: I think you're wrong Jim . . . (MHK please read also) posted by Jim Hoffmann on August 11, 2000 at 16:12:32:

Jim and Mike,
Guys why don't you go out and try to make a pig sing (bently quote). The chances of that have
got to be higher then getting through to some of these knuckleheads. All I've seen in the responses to you guys is either dive instruction is a waste of money and nobody should tell them how they should dive. Heck the bonehead editor of this list is discouraging everyone from seeking out advanced diving education because instruction is so poor in his opinion. What a role model.
My question to everyone out there is how do you know what you don't know? In overhead environment diving there are so many unforseen things that will nip you in the butt if your not ready. How would you know about any of these butt nipping things unless you learned them from someone with experience (often the dead) or you
experienced them yourself and got lucky and lived through it.
So many divers have died in overhead invironments. I believe the number now exceeds 400 fatalities in the US alone just in caves. I know of many who have died in or even on ship wrecks. Many of these people were concidered by some to be experienced but if we look at almost all of these accidents and analyze each we can see that they either took a tragic chance or they purely didn't know anough to stay alive in an overhead evironment.
Overhead environment trainings is cheap. A class starts around $300.00 in most places around the world. The classes are fun and informative and usually consist of a couple lectures,a confined water session and about 4 to 6 dives. Even the most advanced courses are cheap insurance at less then $1000.00. My life is worth that to me and I'm sure my family and friends believe so also.
How many of you have been in an overhead invoronment? How many of you have stired up silt in an overhead invironment, got lost, scared or ran short on your air supply. Even the worst of OHI instructors can teach you the basics to keep any of these things from happening as long as you understand the importance of the skills and DON'T TAKE CHANCES. Minimize the risk and learn as much as you can.
I believe our solo diving fatalities in So. Cal. this years are at 5 dead divers. All experienced! I believe that is all the fatalities in So. Cal. If they understoood the importance some or all of them may still be alive.

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