john, you are missing the point BIG TIME...

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Posted by kelphead on August 11, 2000 at 21:01:42:

In Reply to: Re: I think you're wrong Jim . . . (MHK please read also) posted by John Walker on August 11, 2000 at 18:46:21:

1st of all, if i don't want to enter a wreck, then
why should i have to be 'oe' certified???? this is
how this whole issue got started. it got started
when mhk stated he would like to see ALL divers going
out on dive boats to the 'yukon' to be 'oe' certified.
he initially wanted to restrict ACCESS to the 'yukon'
even from those who were NOT going to enter the wreck.

why did he initially want to do this?? b/c of the
SUSPICION that someone was going to change their mind
at depth and enter the wreck after all.

this is how the discussion got started, john, but
you must have severely overlooked that point.

no one here, and i mean NO ONE HERE ever debated
against the sensibility of getting wreck certified--no,
not even "editor of this list" advocated against
divers getting proper certification.

what was debated was the access to the 'yukon'
by divers who did NOT want to penetrate.

mhk even went so far as to say that if HE were
running the rules of a particular dive boat and
he had utter control, he would not take ANYONE
out to the 'yukon' site (or other wreck sites)
if not ALL the divers aboard were 'oe' certified.

but, again, it comes back to those of us who also
would like to share the wreck experience, but
strictly, exclusively from the exterior. in other
words WITHOUT doing a penetration.

2nd of all, you cite 5 socal diver fatalities due
to solo diving. but what do these solo divers have
to do w/wreck diving??? were they ALL solo diving
off wrecks???? if not, then why are you mixing up
issues here?? if that's what you are doing, then
it looks like you are the knucklehead for not
understanding the issues at hand and sticking to

3rd of all, from my understanding even 'oe' certified
divers have sadly perished in overhead environs. in
other words, there are no guarantees.

lastly, there are no knuckleheads here, john, just very
passionate divers who have very valid and strong
arguments on all sides of the fence.

and besides, if you don't like the divers on this
board, why do you hang around here...??? why not
destress and find another 'home'?

happy & safe diving to you.

your favorite "stroke".
*frantically waving at you*

= : )


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