The Yukon( again)

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Posted by JR Gordon on September 05, 2000 at 15:18:49:


I have now dived(doved?) The Yukon on 4 separate occasions(8 dives)including opening day and this past weekend. I want to report that the ship is finally starting to show signs of being submerged for almost 8 weeks now. There is measurable sand accumulating on the floor, which is in reality the port side. The currents are fairly strong even inside the ship, and they help keep any silting to a minimum. The currents want to pull you inside the ship on the upper starboard openings, and spit you out at the stern and stern deck holes. The current is not dangerous, just really interesting. The handrails and cable reachable on the starboard deck are starting to deteriorate and break loose along with anything small that can get broken off by fins, etc.

There are brittle stars growing all over the hull, and decent size bass are lurking in the deepest rooms of the ship. I found a small generator room Sunday with multiple rusting machines, little clearance, and orangish/rust colored visibility. There was an 18" bass lurking down under one of the generators in the colored water. It was very surreal. And hey, there's still one toilet seat left in the bow restroom!

Although there are many commercial and private boats frequenting her, I've yet to notice any diver penetrate the ship other than to go just inside one of the many large openings. I've watched a couple of divers go in and look around then swim out, but I haven't run into any divers anywhere inside the ship during my 8 dives. I think the inheritant dangers are visible and recognizable to everyone.

The Yukon is a remarkable sight when you drop down on top of her. Her still white hull looms out of the dark blue and I still find the sight captivating. If you've yet to make it down there to see her I again want to recommend you see her now while her hull's still white and the waters are reasonably warm (60F @90fsw). There's nothing like this dive in So Cal, enjoy!

Safe diving,

JR Gordon

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