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Posted by Randy on September 09, 2000 at 18:40:50:

In Reply to: Explain that to me, please posted by Eins on September 08, 2000 at 19:27:51:

The only way to "prove" buddy diving is safer than solo diving would be an indepth statical study. lot and lots of information would need to be compiled, and numbers crunch. other than that, this is all talk, and opinion, which is ok. personaly, i think the biggest problem is a sever lack of training. I first learned to dive back in 1970. physical fittness and heavy equipment knowledge was required. now, as long as you can float and know that fins go on feet and mask goes on face,seems like you get certified. what realy bugs me is the lack of requirement to be "Advanced". in a 1 1/2 years, a 16 yr old friend got certified, advanced and became a rescue diver. not even 15 dives! to be honest tho, this is one kid i would say could probably handle it. He's been a life guard for a couple of years, and been on swim teams for several years. but this still says very little training is needed. it would be very easy to feel like you have a buddy with lots of expireance because he/she had certificate to "prove it". and most newbies wouldn't know the differance. as someone who's done lots of stuff in the great outdoors, and especialy when i was with the mountain rescue group, i've seen many people do things far beyond their ability, with and without a buddy or two. some scrap by, others don't. alomst everyone of the tragities were caused by lack of experience and training. last weekend i was deserted by my "BUDDY" 3 times during our first dive of the day. the first two i tracked him down, the last time i couldn't. if something had happened to me, it would NOT be because i was solo diving. it would have been because of my A hole buddy, maybe, and only maybe. i did my next dive planned solo, and had lots of fun, and made it back alive. on my third dive, a newbie asked me to take him around the dive site. i did, and it was lots of fun. he was a good buddy, stayed right with me, and when i said it was time to head back, no problem. i'll continue to dive both ways. from where i sit, i have a much greater chance of having an accident on the 6 hour round trip drive. i've gone to dive sites i've choose not to dive at, because i didn't feel my experience was up to it. i do this for fun, not to see how far i can push the limit before something happens. these are my opinions and how i try to conduct myself. enough for now.

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