"Volvo drivers are a great example." are you kidding?

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Posted by Wayne on September 16, 2000 at 14:39:38:

In Reply to: Re: If needing a SA means the diver should rethink, then posted by Jason on September 16, 2000 at 01:05:21:

Surely you cannot expect us to take you seriously if this is your example. Next you will tell us to not wear seat belts in our cars so we will drive safer.

I really do not think we in the great unwashed masses think SA is a bail out bottle to allow continuance of a dive or deco stops or any other such nonsense. They are a tool. They have a purpose. You seem to expect any backup device to be fully capable of saving a diver. Well that isn't going to happen. But a few breaths on the way up is a good thing.

It is not necessary to exaggerate to make your point. You discuss the number of breaths at 100 feet. This is not realistic. If we need to go Up, we might take one breath at 100 feet another at 70, another at 40, slowing and getting it together at 20 then up to the surface. By the time we are at 20, we are not OOA and we are consuming much less air from the bottle. We might also have some air remaining in the main tank to do the final inflation at the surface (what with the lower ambiant pressure and all)! The alternative is a CESA. I like the idea of some air on the ride up.

SA, Pony, Doubles with fancy manifold. They all offer things the other don't. Divers should select based on thier dive practices, not on the latest fad in configuration.


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