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Posted by MHK on October 02, 2000 at 17:32:48:

In Reply to: Nice work, MHK posted by Eins on October 02, 2000 at 17:00:45:

Posted by Eins on October 02, 2000 at 17:00:45:

Hello? Anybody home?

I have always made it a point that when I'm sinking fast I try to be a little humble so that way maybe I'll be shown a little mercy..

It's obvious I've done my homework, it's obvious I'm right and you are wrong but rather than be the slightest bit humble you post this sarcastic nonsense..

So be it...

So while I'm at home I'll discuss the Compressibilty and cubical expansion theory which staes in pertinent part...

Under pressure and tempaeture changes, ALL ( pat attention here EINS ) ALL, as in everything, as in all, as in compressed neoprene... ( I bet you believe pre shrunk jeans don't shrink in the dryer)

ALL matter undergoes expansion or compression. The coefficient of volume change, k , under pressure, at constant tempature, T, is called the isothermal compressibilty, and is expressed as follows assuming this list allows for proper formatting:

K = - 1 (av
. ---- ---
. V AP ) t

and the coefficient of cubical expansion, B, measures the volume change under tempature change, at constant pressure

B = 1 ( AV
. --
. V AT) p

( Note ignoe the *.* at the beginning of each line I was hoping that would allow for prpoer formating)

the above quantities can be meauserd experimentally for ANY ( emphasis added ) material.

It is understood that the compressibilty and expansion coefficients depend inversley on pressure, P, and tempature, T. do before we can calculate specifics ( and I'll do the math ) you need to admit you were wrong, you need to send Karl $20 and then provide depth, water temp and then wetsuit size -v- drysuit...

After you admit you were wrong and Karl get's paid I'll post the calculations....

But the most important issue that needs to be highlighted is that you nitpick BS issues ( such as the cost of DA's ), but have consistently missed the boat on the big and important issues so cut the crap and let's get this list back on track because it is becomming unbearable and a waste of my time...


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