Re: Monterey vs. San Diego? (Advice Needed)

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Posted by Clinton Bauder on December 14, 1999 at 13:29:54:

In Reply to: Monterey vs. San Diego? (Advice Needed) posted by DiveAtlas on December 13, 1999 at 22:34:46:

I'm partial to Monterey. There are quite a few good charter boats in the Monterey area but for an experienced diver I'd recommend Cypress Charters. The Cypress Point usually does 3 tank trips while the Cypress Sea does 2 tank trips. Both boats fill nitrox which I recommed using if you're certified for it. Occasionally the Point does "advanced" trips which are extra fun. Expect three deep offshore dives.If you dive regularly in the Seattle area you would probably do fine on one of these trips.

The Beach Hopper II is a smaller boat but will do some of the better spots if the conditions are right.

The best spot for Sea Lions is "Lobos Rocks" which is generally a boat dive only. This spot is south of Point Lobos. If the weather is right the Cypress Point will do it on an advanced trip. This may be the best dive on the Central Coast but it's only rarely diveable.

If you're shore diving a good spot for Sea Lions is the Monterey Coast Guard Breakwater. There are usually lots of both Sea Lions and beginning divers here. Most of us who were trained in Central or Northern California did our first dives at the breakwater. The Sea Lions are out at the end. It's a bit of a swim and the Sea Lions here are a bit jaded by divers but if you absolutely, positively have to dive with Sea Lions it would be your best bet.

Point Lobos offers the best shore diving but you need reservations. It's best visited on a weekday.

If you're on a boat these are some other spots to inquire about. All are fairly deep advanced dives but worth the trouble for the amazing hydrocoral and walls of corynactis anemones.

Fanshell Beach Pinnacles
Local's Ledge
Outer Carmel Pinnacles
Honeymoon Rocks
Pinnacle of Tremendous Proportions
Soberanes Wall
Que Paso Pinnacles

Diving in Dec is hit or miss. If you hit it can be awesome. If you miss you might not get out at all. OTOH whale season should be starting soon which can make the boat ride nearly as fun as the diving.


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