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Posted by tleemay on November 06, 2000 at 11:02:58:

In Reply to: Re: Diving the Yukon posted by JR Gordon on November 06, 2000 at 06:17:53:

High swell diving at it's best! I got to see the
Lois Ann launch a diver off the swim step and
back into the water in the morning.

FTR, we jumped on the wreck twice, once at 6:45 am
and the other at about 12:45 pm. We are continuing
to do skills inside as well as show people around
if they like. We had one rec.scuba entity who
joined us for the afternoon dive sets.

Earlier in the morning, we did see John
Gordon and Garreth over on the Blue Escape doing doubs
too (Hey John, isn't duct tape a WONDERFUL thing?)
which included John feeding the local fish. On the
afternoon dive set, we motored over to Point Loma
and it's kelp - very impressive with lots of life,
including large rocks full of lobster. Our rec.scuba
guest who was from the NYC area even grabbed himself
his first spiny. It pretty cool to see someone grin
ear to ear when they get their first... and on thier
first swoop too.

We did see some flailing on the surface around 7:45
am or so when a diving team from a private
fiberglass runnabout had some panic issues at the
surface. Good thing someone made the jump to assist,
and - it wasn't an on duty DM from any of the 4
commercial boat on the moorings. And Kane didn't
bring a second set of dry clothes on the boat.

A word of advice to those that get panicked - drop
your weights, your life isn't worth $30.

JGSr is right, the vis was crap-ola in the first 60'
, genuinely pretty piss poor. On the wreck itself it
was probably no better than 15 or 20. Inside
though, the vis is pretty much as far as you can
see, from wall to wall. There was one exception
though where as part of a skill the instructor
silted out the engine room with the tell-tele
red particulates. Let me tell you that the Yukon
is a genuine challenge even at it's relatively
new life as a wreck... complete with 0 vis if you
are not careful inside.

It's getting there - there are sculpin and barred
bass maiking their home inside her. We've seen
small rock and sheeps crabs inside in the past.
She's really going to be something as the months
and years go on.

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