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Posted by JRM on November 14, 2000 at 13:13:00:

OK, instead of folks becoming "past-tense", lets talk about the much cheerier topic of killing things.

After a horrible ribbing from my wife for hunting with a spear gun instead of the pole-spear, I have a few questions for all you hunters out there. Assuming I want to hunt some of the larger, more entertaining fish (halibut, bigger lings, etc), what sort of equipment will be required? Does the larger game require a gun?

Actually, I should clarify. My wife takes the position that it isn't really sporting to shoot anything with a gun. Sort of the "purist bow-hunter" position many take on land. Now, I happen to be more of a realist. Spearing a big ling or halibut with a tri-pointed pole spear seems a bit foolish. Nothing like having a wriggling fish on the end of a rigid stick.

So here's what I've come up with. My local dive shop carries a "break-down" aluminum pole spear that comes with standard 6mm threads, and so can use the same points as most of the common guns. I figure the aluminum should be plenty strong, and a "break away" point with the steel cable might be enough to absorb some of the shock of sticking something large. Anyone find any real problems with this, or something I haven't thought of yet?

How about a way to attach the spear to myself. I figured a break-away velcro strap might work. I really don't want to be permanently attached to it, but I think a retainer might be a good idea. Again, any comments?

Does anyone have any preference for a brand or type of tips for larger fish? How about suppliers? What type of things should I avoid? The guys I'm hunting with will all be carrying guns, with a pole spear be a big liability?

And if anyone has any good comments on the whole gun vs. spear thing, I'd be interested in hearing those as well.



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