Re: on-gassing while ascending

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Posted by MHK on December 04, 2000 at 17:50:43:

In Reply to: Re: on-gassing while ascending posted by AADIVER on December 04, 2000 at 17:36:17:


You are partially correct and then I believe you have slightly confused an issue.

Let me see if I can clear it up.. The deep stop recomendation is basically cutting in half your greatest depth and your first deco/safety stop.. In your example of 100' I would agree that 50' would be appropriate but I wanted to clarify the reasoning..

As to the *tech* community having an opinion on 15' safety stops it seems to me that they are two opposing viewpoints. But as stated in an earlier post the belief is that the Buhlman models tend to *bend* you deep and then *un-bend* you at 15' so my sense is that while we would advise a deep stop we would also suggest the 15' stop as well.

As to the 10' and 20' stops you asked about, I think you may be talking about what we do when we are breathing pure 02, which as you know, has a Maximum Operating Depth of 20'.. We'll generally optimize our 02 window at 20' and then spend a few extra minutes at 10' as opposed to a direct ascent from 20'..


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