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Posted by mattschechter on December 20, 2000 at 18:09:00:

I have been on about 23 dives so far and i have most of my gear (no tank). I am wondering what type of weights to go with. I use about 26 lbs am 5'9" (male) 140is lbs. I dive in CA with a 7mm farmer john. i have a normal BC. I have rented shot pouch weights and normal weights and a weight integrated BC. The shot weights were good but i had trouble with belt size. I wanted small incrimints but they couldn't fit on a small belt so it was just kind of a fiasco. Then my hard weights were no better. I had them adjusted wrong without holders (how was i supposed to know) so the weight slipped off. The weight integraded was fine (Zeagle Ranger: what is to be bad) but it is out of my league. I have tryed one other system at a scuba camp. It was a belt lined with velcro and shot weight pouches with velcro tags on top. They were very secure, didn't shove into your waist/hip and were pretty much perfect. Needless to say i havn't seen them anywhere else. So that is pretty much my schtik. Any suggestions would be very helpful. I am tired of renting and calling a dive because of it. I am supprised at how little information is given on such a vital yet static piece of equiptment. I suppose if it doens't beep and flash and hiss it isn't very interesting to read/write about. Well, this is finally it. Bye and thank you in advance.

(also seen on RSD D2D)

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