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Posted by Randy54 on January 03, 2001 at 20:12:12:

In Reply to: DIR Paradigm - Long posted by MHK on January 03, 2001 at 13:52:39:

OK, I'm one that has been bugged by the name DIR. When I got back into diving, I heard nothing of DIR. Wasn't taught anything about it's philosophy, gear set up, nothing. So, based on past experiance, seeing what equipment other divers where using, including seeing some DIR'rs without knowing it, I purchased good quality equipment, setup my configuration so I was comfortable, and knew where everything was. So I go diving, and do lots. See others diving configured basicaly the same. Then I start hearing DIR. Now I want to know what I'm doing wrong, AND WHY it is wrong. All I've been able to see is that it's differant, and if it's differant than DIR, it's not safe. HOW????? You mentioned that it minimizes redundancy. HOW??? When I dive, solo or otherwise, I take the same gear. I take nothing I don't need or want. Camera's and a small light are wants on a nice sunny day in open water diving. What I do differant is changing my attitude. BUT, I still don't know why what you offer is better. Why is having your backup reg under your chin better then where I place mine? If it is better, there has to be a definable reason, not just opinion. Drag? it will still creat some drag being there, any phisical presence will, your long hose's creats drag too, no matter how well they are routed. I eliminated one hose, by placing my octapus in line with my power inflator, and using a low profile reg. Being in line with, and above the power inflator, it doesn't drag on the bottom. If on the DIR reason of if it's not needed don't take it, why isn't this a better configuration? It completely eliminates one LP hose, that not only would cause drag, but has several failure points. Is this a configuration that didn't exist when DIR was concived? Thus due to the fix gear configuration of DIR, cann't be considered? I'm only asking questions, not trying to start a fight, or flame. Why is what I do not DIR?

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