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Posted by MHK on January 04, 2001 at 12:02:26:

In Reply to: Re: DIR Paradigm - Long posted by Randy54 on January 03, 2001 at 20:12:12:

Maybe the name doesn't bug me as much because I don't pay very much attention to labels, I'd prefer to spend my time looking at the details and could really care less what they call it.. But what strikes me as strange is that if they called it DIJW or DIGW ( Doing It Jarrod's Way or Doing It Georges Way ) I'm under the impression that more epople would feel comfortable with it, more people would have less problems with the standardization, and it would be easier to explain why if you change something it than isn't DIJW's it's DIJW modified..

It's all labels as far as I'm concerned and a label shouldn't preclude you from taking a look at the underlying advances. With respect to the back-up regulator necklaced under the chin the reason is that in an OOA emergency the donor donates his primary regulator since he knows it is working because he is breathing it. The OOA diver may be down to his last breath and you want to ensure that you donate a known working regulator. By storing the back up under your chin, you'll be to simply reach down and put it in your mouth and handle the emergency. If you have it clipped off in a retaining device it's possible you won't find it, it's possible that it could have collected contaminents during the dive, it's possible it could be free flowing behind you and you would not know it, it's possible it could get entangled..

By standardizing the configuration in the event this happens in zero vis or silt outs you know where everything is by touch and you can handle the emergency..

By placing your *octopus* on your inflator to the extent that you have a reg free-flow you have now lost your primary inflation source because you will have to disconnect your reg ( ie; your inflation source) and you may not be able to ascend..Furthermore, by securing your *octo* to your inflator you are forced to have your head slanting left and you don't have the freedom to rotate your head..

Those are my reasons why I believe handling the DIR way is better, hopefully that helps..


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