Re: Different ocean conditions?

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Posted by MHK on January 22, 2001 at 17:24:21:

In Reply to: Different ocean conditions? posted by Eins on January 22, 2001 at 17:12:19:


I'm really trying to understand your problem, but when Walker posted you an answer you said that the DIR approach is to resolve the problem before it occurs and as such Walker's answer was unacceptable.

Now I'm hearing that the problems occurs after the dive is over as you are exiting the water???

I'm missing something... Like I said of done countless beach dives and I have never had sand foul up my reg at all, let alone at epidemic proportions... Something in this equation doesn't add up.. I'd also give you a tip that we use when we enter high flow caves which is to turn the reg under your chin pointing out, this prevents the flow of the water from purging the reg, perhaps that will help you when you are exiting the surf zone, but I'd be curious to hear more about this problem before I'd be willing to alter the DIR system.. One of the benefits of DIR is that you don't change it from dive to dive, this way if there is an emergency you have the same configuration every dive and by so doing you avoid any delyed responses to emergencies..

I did some deep wreck training a few years back with Billy Deans and Billy told me that if you ever make more than one change to your rig, you should do 10 shallow dives before considering going deep again so as to avoid confusion in emergencies.. That sounded like sound advice back then and it seems to me that by standardizing your configuration ( whether it be DIR, or not ) it still sounds sensible in principle...

Sorry if that isn't helpful but I know of no one who has the same problem so it's hard to add anymore...


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