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Posted by seahunt on February 08, 2001 at 17:13:43:

In Reply to: Re: You just can't take a hint posted by MHK on February 08, 2001 at 10:10:48:

>Will you claim that you can re-calculate an erratic sawtooth profile over numerous
>dives and multiple days near as accurately as a computer? Again, this is the same
>critical issue, because it relates to safety.

>If that isn't a challlenge to produce results that we don't speak the same language..
>You asked me if I could re-calculate erratic sawtooth profiles and I accpeted the
>invitation to demonstrate to you that I could...

Total BS.
I quoted your statement of challenge and re-challenge quite correctly, but OK then,
either one way or the other I asked you how you manually calculate deco, so tell us
how to calculate and re-calculate it. The only one who mentioned a demonstration
was you and I pointed out it was meaningless. In science and it has filtered into
our culture, if you can't explain something, you can only claim very limited
authority, known as an opinion.

>Be a man and admit that you were, once again, wrong...
No, I'm not going to post my first answer to that... Too much contempt. That
sounds like a JW line.
I will say that it would be hard for me to be wrong very often, because
I don't propose much. I just keep asking you over and over, how you do your
calculations. My main proposal is that it is impossible. Prove me wrong.
Describe your methods. Considering things, I'd be willing to bet I am good
enough at applied math to understand your method.

>I don't always have the time to go back and look up your misrepresentation
>but in this case I thought it was warranted.. Now since it is clear that you
>posed the question, will you or will you not accept the offer???
Sure. The only question I posed was for an explanation of your deco calculation
method. I certainly asked for no demonstration. Or just give me a link to where
you have already explained this method.

This you can hold me to. If you give me an explanation of your manual deco
method or tell me where it is posted (and it is feasable), in such a format that
it can be posted on this BBS for others to understand and learn to use, I won't
claim you are a BS artist. Heck, I'll send you $50 as well. Hold me to it.

Patiently waiting, seahunt

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