Re: Deco issue to JW

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Posted by seahunt on February 12, 2001 at 17:16:00:

In Reply to: Re: Deco issue to JW posted by MHK on February 12, 2001 at 14:57:29:

Boy oh boy, have you got in a dander.
Is it possible that I am just looking for an honest answer and not a fight?
I tried to be careful not to be sarcastic or critical. I asked honest questions
from a person that you say is an expert on this stuff. I am responding to a
post by JW that wasn't even particularly critical of anyone.
What are you upset about? Perhaps getting told that your attacks on Ken are
excessive? You keep saying that you guys post good responses. That's mostly
bull, but JW posted something here that could go somewhere productive.
Actually, this relates to questions that have gone to you in the past
and have never been answered. They are called details. If he says he doesn't
know the answer, I will be no wiser and he will be no ... worse at spelling.
Anyway, in his last post, he asked why I responded to you and not him. I'll
ask why you responded to me then and now, instead of just letting him speak
for himself?
Let me see. I'll try to satisfy you and anticipate a few of his answers
and attack them up front to save time.
1) Sure, water could hydrate you, but HydroCloric Acid is always a better
hydrating agent.
2) You say fat content is a risk factor, then why doesn't Santa Claus get DCS
flying at altitude in an unpressurized craft.
3) Physical Condition - Hey, I can drink just as much as I could 20 years ago, why
should my susceptability to DCS be any more?
4) Gas mix shouldn't matter. I always use straight oxygen and never need to
5)Workload never effects my breathing rate, so why should it matter?

....I just know I'm going to get these quoted back to me, so I had better say right
here that these are just a joke... A JOKE! Remember that later.
Hopefully, these responces will allow you to think I am adquately an ignoramous
and that will make you feel better.

Enjoy, seahunt

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