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Posted by JRM on February 13, 2001 at 12:38:16:

In Reply to: Re: NAUI Course Director/Instructor Trainer Re-qualification Workshop posted by Jim Hoffmann on February 12, 2001 at 18:21:09:

Well, I can understand that. However, my point (somewhat cynically presented) is that there is good and bad in everything. I chose PADI due to geographical concerns. Basically, I wouldn't trust anyone in our local NAUI shop any further than I could throw them. Because I looked at both. Three major factors were involved: The guys at the NAUI shop were jerks, the guy at the PADI shop was great, and my wife got her cert from PADI back in the early eighties (this last one was actually the least weight, believe it or not).

So I signed up with the PADI shop (before I had heard all this horrific stuff). And the instructor was great. He *could* teach. And the videos we were supposed to watch at home, all the classroom time was instruction and example. And when it came time to do the tables, we *did* the tables. Over and over and over. Given the choice again, I'd still take the PADI instructor that I had, even after hearing all the nay-saying on the board. But I guess my point was that the instructor was more important to me than the agency.

And not everything NAUI is great. I know the epitome of the diver feared by all on this list. He couldn't find his tail with a map. And he thinks he's this great wonder-diver. He really pushed the NAUI stuff on me. But right before I started my class, he and another friend packed everything up and headed to Mexico for a week of diving. After the first dive, the buddy was so scared this guy was going to kill him he faked an ear problem so he wouldn't have to dive. And he's taken several additional classes above his NAUI OW.

Someday I'd like to be an Instructor. Why not combine two things I love, diving and teaching. I've been teaching climbing and mountaineering since I was 17 (although unofficially mostly). I love that part where you take someone up for the first time, and see that experience written on their face. Unfortunately, I'm still rather new at the SCUBA game, and am well aware of my limitations. But I figure in a year or two I might be ready to take a DM course. At that point I'll have to evaluate which agency I wish to pursue.

Sorry that this reply is so dis-jointed. I've written it in chunks over a couple of hours of trying to work with the one stinking server in my environment that runs the previously mentioned Microsoft's products. Grrr. If anyone in Tennessee could drive over and slap everyone in the (removedtoprotecttheguilty).com's development department I'll pay for gas!

Maybe I'll get to dive again someday. As soon as the weather clears!


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