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Posted by Steve Clark on March 14, 2001 at 19:41:57:

In Reply to: simple question; posted by mike on March 14, 2001 at 12:37:32:

Well, let's see.... Second question first. As I understand the plan, no take zones address what are called "environmentally sensetive areas" and don't specifically target demersal or pelagic fish.
I don't really know what the spearo's overall impact is but they are the most selective of hunters because they can see their prey before nabbing it. Much of the fishing industry harvests indiscriminately without regard for by-catch, the amount left behind that feeds the local animals, or habitat destruction.
The anglers hook all sizes of fish and I think keep the biggest ones. Do some practice catch & release? I don't know and I don't know if that even allows the released fish to survive and keep breeding.
The accomplished spearos go after the big stuff only and are not always successful. On a boat with a couple of hunters on board I think the local populations of yellowtail and White Seabass are pretty safe from any concequential impact. Although I don't enjoy watching these speared fish writhe around in agony on deck gasping for breath with a stringer run through their eyes. I wish the hunters would kill them more quickly. I do have a problem regarding the impact on a local population of fish when there is a tournament like the Dr. Death Invitational. Here you have assembled a large group of the best hunters in one spot all going after the biggest fish. I imagine that a successful tournament could put a significant dent in a local population of say Yellowtail.
Big fish spawn 40 to 60 times more eggs than fish half their size. When you take out the big ones you could be messing with their future reproduction numbers and you may be removing the genetically superior fish which are the only ones that grow large enough to interest discriminating hunters and anglers.
Glad you don't shoot the slow moving easy target fish.

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