basic scuba equipment costs

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Posted by RaiderKarl on March 15, 2001 at 16:40:07:

In Reply to: Follow-up to looking for LA Diveshops question posted by Chris on March 15, 2001 at 14:56:17:

very very basic equipment would be:

surf booties (not over your ankles) $30
open-back fins (to fit over your surf booties) $75
mask (prescription if needed) $50 (+$100 for prescription if needed)
snorkel (i prefer a dry snorkel) $25
swimsuit & T shirt $30

total gear purchased $200

OW1 class $200 +/-

gear rental + wetsuit rental + tank rental $250 (?)

so I would guess you can do it for $500 total.

you should rent as much gear as possible, until you have passed your OW1 and AOW. Then start adding to your list. First I would buy a small knife $50 and a compass $75 and an u/w flashlite $50. Then a regulator 1st & 2nd stage $750 & pressure gauge $150 & depth gauge $50. Then a B/C $500. Then a dive computer $250. Then a wetsuit $350 or dry suit $1250. As you can see, the costs add up quickly. You can always rent tanks, but if you choose to buy them, they cost about $350 each from US Diver. I currently own 6 tanks. My next big purchase will be a scuba kayak for $750.

Your first serious purchase would be a regulator. Now you have to talk to all your friends to decide among several brand names. I have ScubaPro, but I can afford it. Same thing for B/Cs [B/C stands for the French words "buoyancy compensator." some people call it B/C/D which stands for the English words "buoyancy control device."] I have a Zeigle B/C because I work with students and need to carry extra weights and gear, and I can afford it. There are other B/C manufactures with less expensive B/Cs. Wetsuits all cost about the same, and I have heard and experienced good things with BodyGlove and SeaQuest, but US Diver and Oneills has been around for a long time too. Drysuits are expensive, and there is less expensive and more expensive, with DUI (out of San Diego) generally being considered the best with the most features but also the most expensive at around $2500.

Enjoy your scuba career!

Rule #1 never hold your breath / what part of NEVER do you not understand?

Rule #2 always dive with a buddy / never dive alone / never leave your buddy in the water or on the wet sand alone.

Rule #3 always dive within your limits.

Rule #4 always plan your dives, and dive your plans.

Rule #5 always descend and ascend slow, very slow, feet first going down and also upright coming back up.

memorize those 5, plus a whole host that your OW1 and AOW will teach you, and you will live to be an old, safe, happy scuba diver!

/s/ RaiderKarl
NAUI OW1 '75, SSI AOW & Rescue '00, PADI DMC '01
[TDI is next]

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