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Posted by Steve on April 05, 2001 at 19:31:19:

In Reply to: Re: A word on computers. posted by MHK on April 05, 2001 at 14:54:35:

"If you are willing we can use your profiles against mine and we'll illustrate the advantages of using the DIR system in an actual wreck within our waters. If you are willing we can compare the dives..."

Positively, I'm not to old to learn yet, I hope.

"We routinely do the Moody and the minimum bottom time that we have is 30 minutes and I have never been in the water longer than 1 hour.."

I'd love to do 30 minutes BT at the Moody next time. My plan was 15 minutes because I was making 2 more dives that day Ace I and Olympic II so I didn't want to push it. Air was included on the trip so Lee topped off my HP 100 to 3100 psi which is 88cuft so my plan was 15 min. or 1000psi to the start of ascent. Having a computer like this one does come in handy to get the stats. At 15min BT I had 1784psi left and 17 mins. of air time so I could have stayed down longer but I had built up 11 minuted deco time. I ascended to 75' for my deep stop and my deco went up to 13 minutes, so I didn't get any credit there. Stats are:

max depth .... 146'
time.......... 37 minutes
2............ 21%
olf........... 6%
air used...... 62 cuft
sac........... .49
psi min....... 59

Deco 40% EAN start 33' for 1 min., 15' for 13 minutes

The Cobra shows a graph simpling of 9 tissue compartments 4 of the faster ones were in over 100% saturation to a max of 130%.

Lets see what DIR can do. Have at it, beat me up.


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