Always wanted a Surface Swimmer patch...

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Posted by seahunt on April 25, 2001 at 14:19:47:

In Reply to: As a proud BubbleMaker Patch wearer... posted by Wayne on April 24, 2001 at 16:24:47:

At times I have thought of getting a jacket just for certification patches like:
a. Surface Swimmer Certification which as prerequisites could require Snorkel
Skills and Fin Qualified Certifications
b. Bubble Blower Certification
c. Breath Holder Certification
d. Wetsuit qualified Diver Certification
e. Underwater SCUBA skills Certification
f. Fresh Water Diver Certification
g. Salt Water Diver Certification
h. Gear Stowing and Carrying Certification
i. Dive Shop Navigation Certification
j. Beach Parking Skills Certification
k. Game Cooking Skills Certification

At the same time I am in a funny position about this KinderSCUBA.
I think I did something fairly unusual. Not that I got certified at 15,
but that I got certified on my own. I didn't know anyone that was
certified and certainly didn't do it at the prompting of a parent. Who
knows at what age I could have handled scuba diving. I was a pool rat
since before I could tie my shoes. I had other more dangreous habits since
that time as well, but I seemed to be adapted to danger and kept it in
mind. So if I ask myself the question of what age is appropriate, I have
to allow for what could be a bias. Kids under 15 (and older as well)
often seem quite sketchy to me, but at what age are some kids organized
enough to be safe diving. As far as issues of bone development, that
effect could be a problem up to possibly even age 21 and darn well
seems likely to be before age 15. Aside from that, at what age does a
kid (some particular kid) have the composure to be safe using scuba?
One of these days, I'm gonna have to ask those questions as more than
hypotheticals.. Of course, it may well be out of my hands by then.
Enjoy, seahunt

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