Restriction: Parent or PADI PROFESSIONAL

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Posted by Wayne on April 25, 2001 at 16:26:43:

In Reply to: Re: I think we agree posted by MHK on April 25, 2001 at 16:05:38:

Yea, you are probably right. Just look at the Jr. Cert restriction. Parent or DM.

I cannot fathom allowing my young kids to dive with a stranger of any certification level from any agency. Especially if they are part of a "group" of strangers with a single babysitter.

Last fall I went on a dive with a "guide" in Maui that blew my mind. My wife and I were the first ones ready and in the water -- I guess knowing your gear helps you put it on. Anyway we were first in and floating at the anchor line chatting while we waited for the other 4 + DM. A buddy team of a Wife (8 dives total diving for 6 years last dive 2 years ago) and Husband (first post-certification dive -- did a local referral day before) entered the water next. During the briefing Husband said he had trouble clearing his ears and might need extra time to get down to the wreck at 78 fsw.

The DM told them to go down first and take their time. The DM was to be the last to enter the water and last to descend. My wife and I looked at each other in horror.

The scene: The DM was on the boat helping people with their gear, unable to even see the bubbles from the couple, and a slight current was running and the line was important to get tot he planned dive location.

My wife watched them from the surface while I swam to the swim step where I identified myself as a renewed, insured DM and asked if he wanted to alter the plan and have me and the mrs. stay near the honeymooners until the official DM got to the bottom (I showed my nitrox card when I signed up for the boat ride so he did not know I was a "trained babysitter"). He said it was OK so the wife and I followed the kids down and watched dissappear into the wreck (extremely safe and not what I would consider a true O/H, but still they were told to STAY OUT until the DM showed up to lead them in).

Oh yea, I want my kids diving with a clown like that!


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