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Posted by seahunt on May 04, 2001 at 11:54:49:

In Reply to: Re: Very good... :) posted by MHK on May 04, 2001 at 09:37:45:

>NO!!!!!!!! I unloaded on you because you shouldn't be giving out
>advise about the Moody.. It's no wonder we never agree, I say one
>thing and you dream up another..
OK. I agree. You're still an idiot. No, I said something and you said
it meant something else. I hate to tell you, but the person
who makes a statement is most likely to know its meaning and mine was not
hard to figure out. You can think anything you want, but you're still off
the wall and you're still wrong. How you read what you do into a persons
writing is quite fanciful but quite innacurate. I hate to tell you, but
you made a mistake and attacked me because of it.

>But the visual of you swimming like a heliocopter
Yah, I bet it would be impressive for you to watch me swim in rough
water. I'm really good at it. You should have seen me when I used to
like to bodysurf storm waves in Santa Cruz.

>You bastardize the entire process of diving because you think it helps
you get bugs..
No, I specialize my diving for hunting, the most demanding of which a is
bug hunting and it requires the most refinement of gear and technique...
Well, so does rocky shore kelp diving, but the requirements are very
That's a neet statement, bastardize the whole process of diving. It
illustrates a difference in philosophy that you should take note of.
You putter with gear, fiddle and adjust and obscess on gear. To me,
it's just a delivery vehicle. When I go to Disneyland, I don't pay
much attention to my shoes except to mote that they are comfortable
and do the job of getting me to what I want to see.
I guess any idea other than DIR is incomprehensible to you. I mentioned
a philosophy of adaptability to situation and gear that I follow. It's
quite valid and from my point of view, far superior to your rigidity,
but you never answered it. I expect that it was not something your
conciousness can be even aware of because it is different from your
Call it a life support system, but that's just the philosophy you like.
Sorta like something else everyone has and they all stink but
Ya know, I like David Brin's definition of insanity. Almost anything
might be done by a person and no matter how odd it seems, it may make
sense to the person doing it and serve their purposes. Insanity is when
a person is incapable of grasping that there are differences in the world
and different ways. Life is about adapting to reality as it is. You not
only don't adapt, you can't comprehend how anyone adapts to things
differently than you.
You can't even figure out the meaning of what I write beyond your rock
solid preconceptions, but you'll stick with your Truth in the face of
anything, even when a writer explains to you exactly what they meant
when they wrote something. You then tell me, "no, you meant what I say
you meant". twit.
Enjoy, sehaunt

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