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Posted by Festeraeb on May 09, 2001 at 17:18:47:

In Reply to: Re: OK, here we go again... posted by MHK on May 09, 2001 at 16:55:46:

Geesh it seems everyone says get more training. Which is not easy to find. I did find a dive shop near me that offers deep water training. Not Trimix. so I am a little stuck there unless someone offers a correspondece trimix course. (which is probably not a safe idea anyways.) The IANDT class I found teaches theory and practice for deeper air and Nitrox dives. I figure at least it will give some more training and practice including the use of ascent lines and deep water buddy assistance. It just seemes like everyones advice is get more training and once I have found training it's no good. I would probably be best just to do my own reasearch and training like I had planned. It would be cheaper. Yes I want Nitrox but right now it is not an option. I am concerned about Narcosis and the complications that can arise underwater at those depths but I feel that the gain outways the risks. I know that even some of the best (steve berman, Choudhaury(sp)) have had problems and some even leading to death. 140' for 20 minutes on air is not way beyond the NDL limits. I think for a new deco diver it is not a bad dive. and 140' is the max depth unless I start digging a hole under the boat. Anyways I am appreciative to those that gave me advice and I am sorry to have caused such a big debate. and to the comments like "leave your keys where you surving family members can find them." well good for you to but I prefer to look at things and find feasible ways of doing them not just to chalk up to it can't be done it's suicide. I see your point I don't think I would make scratch that I know there would be no way in hell even if I had a trimix certification that this point in my dive career I would dive to anywhere near 300'. But to those that can I salute them and wish them well.

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