Ready to take the plunge into BP & wings - How??

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Posted by ChrisM on May 10, 2001 at 12:31:01:

Currently dive a Seaquest Balance back inflate, but after research, it appears that a BP and wings is the way to go (I know, I'm a little slow). Money is not really an issue, I'd be prepared to spend $600-700 or so. I would prefer to buy the best when I can afford it, so I am thinking Halcyon, but if there are other mfrs that are as good but cheaper, I'd listen.

My diving - strictly recreational, some cavern, no cave, wreck or deep (rarely go over 100'), single AL80 with pony (not interested in going doubles right now), in Cal. dive 7 mil w/ 30#, in warm water microprene or shorty w/ about 18#.

My thoughts - Halcyon SS backplate w/ 36# lift wings, 6# keel weight and integrated weight system. With this config., I figure 6# BP, 6# keel weight, 9# per side in cold water. How would I configure warm water? Only 6 of 18 pounds ditchable doesn't sound like a good idea to me (altho I think they make a keel weight pouch that you can put different weights into). This assumes the new model that does not have an STA.

Does this make sense to anyone? Do I need two wings for the two diving environments (i,e, a 27 for warm water)?? Any advice, tips, lessons learned more than welcome.

I am interested in the DIR principles but I tend to adopt things in baby steps (the long hose will come next maybe).



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