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Posted by Wayne on May 15, 2001 at 09:52:30:

In Reply to: I don't get it posted by CalDiver on May 14, 2001 at 22:17:35:

If this was a fake post to damage Mr. Walker, it does seem perfectly timed. But then again I think I remember a few other similar JW posts where it looked like it was from a textbook or paper. In those cases my memory is that I felt that it was nothing but a pedantic display devoid of dive application. If it was given as background, it needed to be tied into the world of SCUBA.

A number of years ago I came up with a law that I use when I work with universities or give lectures. It acts as a reality check and has application in many areas of science. Here it is:

TUTTLE'S FIRST LAW: If the lecturer understands the subject, he/she can explain it with words. If not he/she must resort to mathematics and arm waving. (I got a standing O for saying this in a lecture at Stanford. I think the students had met a few profs who violated this law.)

I think this is similar to what we have been seeing here. If one has a good understanding of what is happening, he can explain it clearly, If not they start throwing big words and unfamiliar jargon around as a smokescreen to cause us to say, "Gosh they must know this stuff, look how many syllables they used." We are supposed to be put off and feel inadequate to engage in the discussion for fear of looking uninformed. From my experience, when I work with smart people they can provide a working overview to a subject in a simple, consise manner. If it turns to bluster, I seek another opinion.

I think a lot of us understand the basics of soluability, diffusion, perfusion, osmosis and the like. We are not too dumb. But if the masses of us are not getting the picture they are painting, at some point we must blame the teachers.

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