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Posted by MHK on July 02, 2001 at 17:17:26:

In Reply to: Re: NO!!!!!!! posted by Steve on July 02, 2001 at 16:59:51:

I simply think it is important to put into context everyone's comments and I'll state FTR, that I think it was iresponsible and reckless for you to offer you opinions to Kevin about FFM's in respect to the Empress of Ireland when the sum total of your experiences are limited to aquariums.. It seemed to me that you skirted the qualification issue when challenged and as such I'll be more cauitous about you going forward..

Now as to my experiences with FFM's you can review the last edition of Deep Tech and you'll see pictures of me, Wings Stocks and Casey using the unit, and I'll also offer that I've used them on many occasions..

I have several problems with them when it comes to gas switches, I have several problems when it comes to C02 builups [ which is potentially deadly] and I also have a problem if you have a leak..

If your FFM leaks at depth, and given the depth, the cold water, the task loading by definition your breathing is increased, despite the fact that Helium is a less dense gas.. Forget it if you are dumb enough to be there on air..

If you leak you need to remove th FFM, put on a new mask and then do a reg switch..

But the most important thing, and I want to keep hammering it home, is that in 27' in an aquarium, FFM's are great.. At depth, while kicking against a current, with doubles and 2 deco bottles, in cold you've dramatically added to the work multiplier and as such the probability of increased C02 levels are way too high for my taste.. My experiences, specifically, did not include work, swimming and/or kicking against a current.. We simply tested the unit at depth and it wasn't worth the risk reward.. In my view, you gained NOTHING and substanially added to the risk factor..


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