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Posted by Richard on July 07, 2001 at 00:48:25:

In Reply to: Thanx for the URL posted by seahunt on July 06, 2001 at 19:41:15:

Just what everyone expected huntey-boy. You are too stupid to know when someone is insulting you. The advanced email reports are obviously correct. Read on.

Judging by the hate and support email I have been receiving, here's are some private points addressed in public. If you don't want to hear any of this cover you monitor.

The Animals are right after all hunty-boy, you are a big dumb freak. Hear that whap-whap-whap-whap? It's the Hughey coming in for a landing to take you back to the mothership. You are right John, he does write a lot of words and say absolutley zilch. What's wrong with being efficeint in diving hunty-boy? Fluttering around with hands and fins to stay off the bottom??? You are done, thanks for playing, here's a spare aire-two as your parting gift. Buh-bye!

Chris the weird looking ugly guy ( hummm ) that owns this BBS feels that everyone should either be free in their diving practices or dive like him. Oh wait, or is it don't dive like him? I have been on the boat with him twice, once down there and once up here. He's always been very robotic yet cryptic in his discussions and responses. How Kervokian like of him. I mean give me a break, he can't hold a 20 foot safety stop off the anchor line as reported by in water witnesses including myself. He has been so out of control of his surroundings in the past that he has been blown nearly two thousand plus yards away from the boat and at once given up for dead. Lucky for him he get's sighted off in the choppy distance while the rest of the divers on board wait for him to be rescued. Yeah, that's a considerate diver to have on your trip.

Kane is no never mind to me, he get's lost in a midwest forty acre lake for Gawd's sake. Most anyone with enough cash can buy fame, but he obviously prefers to mimic his hero to get to the plateau. I don't discount his message, only his intentions. He could be worse though, he could ne huntly-boy with the same pro DIR goals.

None of the DIR promoters out here impress me. I have been around and diving the practice longer than most of them anyway and that includes tlee-me, who I happen to know has been diving DIR longer than most in California. He is still a JJ and MHK tool though.

John Walker is the only GUE instructor down there. Too bad he has the couth of a hogarthian in a china shop. Time will tell. He has the most promise as long as he uses spell-check.

Speaking of heros, my hero worshipping nemesis thinks that RMV is some kind of sport utility truck for crieghts sake. Remember what he says boys and girls, his obserevations and opinions have absolutely no bearing on experience. Bwahahahaha! To answer stevie boy's next anticipated question: same as yesterday but with a richer mix and an equilivent narcosis depth of ninety-seven feet. Figure out that mix and deco schedule diver wannabe. Mammalian reflex in 55 degree water? Look deeper young buck, way past the advertisements that mimmic un-biased scientific research. Sheesh, you and the weedheaded one are pathetic to promote such crap-o-la.

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