Damn! shoulda got comfortable first! This is just an article...

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Posted by JohnB on July 08, 2001 at 10:41:54:

In Reply to: ...another article--this one's about whales... posted by kelphead on July 08, 2001 at 00:29:38:

and there is really nothing to dispute here, I just want to highlight a "bit" in there.
"How dare the big-city rich Mexicans and hypocritical American environmentalists, whose own waters are poisoned, keep prosperity from reaching rural Mexico? The saltworks would have meant 216 permanent jobs and 1,400 temporary and part-time jobs for a depressed area"
I have been down that road several times and if you don't try to drive like you are on a freeway no rocks will pierce anything and axle will NOT break that aside I fought that Saltworks project. I know those jobs would NOT have been CREATED they would have been filled by locals and they would have been paid at current rates not to mention that 1,400 jobs is quite an OVER estimate! The other salt works have twenty full time employees and are now as large and way more labor intensive than "the project" was to be. Does anyone consider Tijuana to be a "better lifestyle? There are a million HIGH paying (by Mexican standards) jobs there. Facts are no one gets rich but the rich and the suffering and costs are paid by all indigenous species. The saltworks owner was not going to live there! If you REALLY have some concern for those people down there, Go for a drive to Cabo two or three times a year. Enjoy the beauty and leave $20.00 tips (that would double the monthly income of a family down there!) don't (Not that you do) support some billionaire getting MORE money for himself

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