Re: nobody likes to pick up a gauntlet is possibly why

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Posted by MHK on July 11, 2001 at 16:10:14:

In Reply to: nobody likes to pick up a gauntlet is possibly why posted by CalAbDiver on July 11, 2001 at 15:55:56:


You really have to look more in-depth and you have to look at the inner workings of PADI, and the utter hypocrsy, of this privatley held, for profit agency..

Look at the evolution of their positions.. In 1995 they were still teaming up with DAN and calling Nitrox snake oil and voodoo gas.... Fast forward they see the marketing and money making potential so all of a sudden they jump on the bandwagon..

Then NAUI, IANTD, TDI and subsequently GUE advanced the trimix and triox theory so PADI is playing catch up.. Accordingly, they didn't get their affairs in order, their insurance in order so they reversed a long held, core PADI belief [ ie; 130' depth limitation] and adopted an ill-logical, poorly thought out, reckless and dangerous course of action... Clearly in a year from now PADI will reverse courses again, once they get the insurance squared away, and then play catch up with respect to helium.. However the marketing team fully recognizes that once a diver starts a course of progression [ie; technical diving] it's unlikely that they will do a class with one agency/instructor and then switch agencies in mid-stream.. So PADI figured that they would get the diver's into their program this year with talk about ridiculous and idiotic issues like; helium is bad for you, isobaric counter diffusion and promises of teaching you how to avoid narcosis.. All the while they'll get there act together and then sell you a trimix class when they figure out where to go... They just don't want to loose market share in the interim...

They avoid the salient issues about deep air and despite my efforts they refuse to discuss the core shortcomings...

I was disappointed, but not surprised, that they declined to show, but I NEVER EVER want to hear from PADI that I distort their record again because I aforded them the public opportunity for them to discuss the issue.. One way monologues in advertising related dollar friendly magazines isn't something that I'll accept lightly.. They had their chance to go one on one with me, discuss the idiotic theories and allow diver's to judge for themselves...


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