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Posted by msblucow on August 01, 2001 at 14:23:38:

In Reply to: Focus on the issue or you will never get the points posted by seldom seen slim on August 01, 2001 at 13:08:56:

Seldom seen wrote: "Forget that black abalones disappeared from pollution, or a kelp harvester impacts more then a diver disturbing the kelp, or commercial interests take more life from the sea beyond compare to the recreational take. The facts are meaningless if you base your conclusions on accepting the random assignment of MLPA’s as your panacea. These MLPA’s were prescribed with no scientific proof to support the quantities or locations, just a mandate from the unscientific community of our legislature. Does that not alarm you?"

The fact is that overfishing (commercial or recreational) pollution, and over-development are all equally responsible for the problems our oceans face today. You can't regulate or limit just one and expect to get any results. I have never suggested, nor do I believe, that recreational scuba divers should bare the brunt of regulation. It would be absurd and useless.

The MPLAs are a start. They are a baseline from which we can all (government, commericial, recreational and development interests) work with, debate, and ammend. We have to start somewhere. Things just won't fix themselves.

BTW, Seldom, I've heard plenty about what you're AGAINST. Tell, me what are you for? Are you for cleaner oceans? Healthier near-shore fisheries? Unlimited takes on halibut, lobster, abalone? Shooting or relocating sea lions and sea otters because they compete with us for food? I'm not trying to put anything in your mouth, but I'd really like to know where you're coming from.

Hey, I'll even start first. Here's what I'm for:
Cleaner oceans. Healthier near-shore fisheries. Limits on commercial and large scale recreational fishing and harvesting on those species already stressed, but perhaps not yet endangered. Fines for poaching that really hurt. Better enforcement by F&G (and the money to help them do that). More limits on coastal development. Better sewage treatment. Large scale environmental education in our public schools based on fact and not propaganda - either by the radical left or by business interests - that emphasises personal responsibility and the impact each and every one of us has on the world around us.

I could go on, but I think you get the idea. Now it's your turn.

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