Hypothetical question on the prop. restrictions around the Channel Is.

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Posted by Leadbottom on August 08, 2001 at 18:23:33:

I was visiting my brother and his wife last night. We had along discussion on the proposed restrictions around the Channel Islands. He asked me a hypothetical question that I felt I was able to answer in good conscience. I then thought about how others would respond. I am therefore going to try and ask the same question to you people out there.

Here is the premise; A new California State Law is passed that prohibits underwater hunting or collecting of game while free diving or on scuba within 5 miles of the California coastline and it's islands. This includes the hunting of fish on any type, lobsters, crabs, scallops, abalone, urchin, and sea cucumber, any live game. The penalty for such a crime if cited and convicted is public service (100 hrs), a stiff fine ($2,500), and possibly prison time if severe enough or repeat offender (60 days). It would also beillegal to have in the water pole spears, sling spears, game bags, ab irons, game hooks, nets, etc. Fishing licenses would be granted to fishermen only who could only take fish by pole and hook,and to commercial fishermen who would only be able to net fish outside the 5 mile limit of any shoreline.

Here is the caveat; I know that the possibility of such a law is far and remote at best, but this a hypothetical question. Please do not hold the issue down with semantics. This could make for some very good and productive discussions.

Here is the question; would you still continue to dive the California side of the Pacific Ocean if such a law is passed and enforced?

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