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Posted by MHK on August 20, 2001 at 10:01:00:

In Reply to: Re: DIR defintion posted by seahunt on August 18, 2001 at 15:54:24:

Posted by seahunt on August 18, 2001 at 15:54:24:

Ya gotta understand JW, I've forgotten more than most people ever learn. I can pick up information even from people that can't communicate it.

If this is true, then why do you never seem to comprhend the most basic of issues that we advance??? I'm not flaming, but all the evidence is to the contrary...

You then went on to add:

Say all you want, JJ was there to do a DRI demo, not to talk to me. He gave a 3 hour talk and had very little time or energy to say anything to me.

Utter nonsense.. JJ spent an extraordinary amount of time trying to clarify an issue for you, and then spent an extraoridnary amount of time with you afterwards.. And despite the fact that you distracted the entire demo, JJ went the extra mile to help you understand.. Even after I tried to explain it to you, JJ, Mark Lonsdale, Robert Carmichael, John Walker and Terry May tried you still didn't get it, but yet want to post your opening line about you having the ability to pick up information quickly, even when it's poorly communicated..

As for the *depth* averaging *trick*, you STILL don't get it do you???? You asked for a methodology, so we provided a BRIEF explanation, but you don't understand anything about keeping the deco curve moving and rather than have linear gradients that we use a different slope.. That's what it's all about but that can NOT and should NOT be taught via a BBS. Walker has offered to give you a free class to explain the ENTIRE process, not just the shortcuts.. YOu've not even given Walker the courtesy of a reply.. For someone who * has forgotten more than most people learn*, I would have thought you would have loved the opportunity to learn something that you obviously do not understand...

You then went on, yet again:

but this has always been a personality issue and part of that has been, for some reason (oh, that's right, can't do it on the internet), that you guys have always refused to clearly explain your methods. I think it's because you're quite aware that, for the average CA sport diver, that your deco methods are dumb.

You just explained your reason why you won't accept DIR.. You don't like us and therefore you think that if you say something enough times that it will become true.

You often post that you and Chris * do world class diving that most can't imagine or attempt* or that * you have forgotten more then most will ever know*.. Assuming that we accept the above as true, most of us on this list that dive DIR have done WAY more extreme diving then you and Chris will ever dream of and I can promise you that Walker and I have forgotten more about diving then you will ever know, so in other words, you think you and Chris do some bad a** diving that is above and beyond what the typical Ca. sport diver does, and as such you are to be believed.. Walker and I do dives where are first deco stop is 240' and we study this stuff like nobady else's business and I can promise you that anyone that understands deco theory who looks at your statements about * our deco theory being dumb*, will laugh their a** off.. You are just ignorant to what is involved so it is therefore simple for you to conclude that it's *dumb*.. Despite the fact that you have 30 years diving experience and haven't figured it out.. If you applied yourself you could learn it in about a week, but you simply rely on a computer, refuse to learn and then dismiss it as *dumb* when you haven't even studied it... Sorta reminds me of Ken Kurtis dismissing Nitrox, despite the fact that he has never used it, never taken a class about it, never blended a tank.. Some on this list believe that they have been diving so long that they no longer need to learn, and the market place is leaving you behind...

As for posting a *poor essays* about our methods, I'll say this again.. YOU CAN NOT LEARN TO DIVE ON THE INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sooner or later you will hopefully understand that concept and especially given your claims about grasping concepts you seem to ignore this one..

You asked for a *brief* explanation about methodolgies and I gave it to you, everyone else seemed to get it without problem so why is it that you with all your problem solving ability missed it, when many, many others had no problem..

Or is it just near the end of the month so you needed to start up again????

As for refusing to discuus clearly our methods, after 30 years of diving you have NO basic knowledge of the subject matter so we aren't able to discuss much with you, because you simply lack the necessary understanding.. That was obvious to me, JJ, Carmichael, Lonsdale and Walker in 30 seconds into the discussion... You've been relying on your computer to do all your work for you for 30 years and you stopped learning the day you bought it...


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