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Posted by seahunt on August 18, 2001 at 15:54:24:

In Reply to: Re: DIR defintion posted by John Walker on August 17, 2001 at 22:59:53:

Ya gotta understand JW, I've forgotten more than most people ever learn. I can pick up information even from people that can't communicate it.
Say all you want, JJ was there to do a DRI demo, not to talk to me. He gave a 3 hour talk and had very little time or energy to say anything to me. Of what he did say, he was so out of touch with local diving that he was proposing that I should do all my diving with NITROX, something that is generally not even vaguely feasable on the west coast.
Now, after the demo, I was talking to Terry and he finally conveyed that you guys do your deco calculations by 'depth averaging'. Depth averaging. Nothing trick there, novel, but not trick or hard to convey. Why couldn't you guys simply say that? Two words. That's all it takes, but for all the fussing and fighting, you guys couldn't just say that. Then after the demo, I posted that you did have some kind of system, but I still had some questions... which you refused to answer and I couldn't get any straight answer about until just recently.
No JW, I can easily learn anything you or anybody else wants to even vaguely explain, but this has always been a personality issue and part of that has been, for some reason (oh, that's right, can't do it on the internet), that you guys have always refused to clearly explain your methods. I think it's because you're quite aware that, for the average CA sport diver, that your deco methods are dumb. I am also a bit suspect of them, because even using depth averaging, you would run into the same problems with ambiguities of time and depth increments during repetitive dives, that deviled us when we used the tables before computers were available. That may be another resaon you refuse to learly describe your demo methods. If you claim to have described them, please post the URL or a copy of the post... though recently I do seem to remember that Mr. Kane finally did post a poor essay that
did explain something of your methods. He again did not answer about some details. Are you willing to???
Enjoy the diving seahunt

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