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Posted by GLnSD on August 20, 2001 at 11:04:18:

In Reply to: Re: You wanted my experience; here it is posted by MHK on August 20, 2001 at 09:37:35:

Ah, I knew sooner or later the GUE/DIR puppet would speak up.
Bottom line, there is no one way to rig your gear or even dive that is the *right* way.
Just as there is no *wrong* way, there are methods that are more efficient and maybe offer more safety but no truly *righ* or *wrong*.

Truly GUE/DIR is nothing more than a method of marketing Halcyon gear, not saying that other gear can't be used if you want to follow DIR
but look at it for what it really is, a method for marketing Extreme Exposure/Halcyon/GUE.

As for DIR training, basically it comes down to a few good ideas, but mostly senseless dangerous *harassment* most likely being done for the enjoyment
of the *instructors* being passed of as *skills*. This *skill* most likely came about because someone heard the Navy uses these methods to train thier scuba divers
FYI, the Navy stoped using swimmer harassment in thier traing years ago in most (not all) of thier training programs due to training accidents. The only reason we have not seen
many training accidents from this kind of misinformation used by the GUE crowd is the thankfully very small numbers of people that fall for thier BS. I've also heard that GUE attempts to train people to breath
from the BC inflator, though I don't know this for a fact its just something I read somewhere, if so this is just pure stupidity.

Anyway there is no reason to debate something I have no first hand knowledge of, just second hand information and personal observation. I'll tell you what though I may go and take the training so that I have first
hand information to use, I don't believe it will change my opinion but as I said I've got an open mind, which seems to go against the very core of DIR.

As for diving with MHK, sure I'd love to, who knows you may be able to give some *tips*. I know I don't claim as you do to know all.
If you want to foot the bill no problem, I live in the north east and only fly first class, and stay at 5 star hotels when I travel, but hey if you have the money I'll come out a weekend at the Del would be nice.

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