Re: You wanted my experience; Solo Certification.

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Posted by GLnSD on August 20, 2001 at 11:44:09:

In Reply to: Re: You wanted my experience; here it is posted by Steve on August 20, 2001 at 11:12:12:

Basicaly thing most of should know anyway and most do.
Redundent air (pony bottle) which I pretty much dive with all the time anyway.
Redudndent reg on back gas, using an H valve if you are diving a single. Pretty much basic stuff.

My impression was the cert is'nt really designed to make solo diveres from experienced divers other than
to show them how and what equipment might make them more comfortable and safe and maybe to change some bad habits they have developed.
The cert would be good for diver who has no idea that there may be other options availabel to them for redundant air supply, regs etc..
There was no *preaching* of any use for the cert for anything other than recreational diving within the recreational diving limits, at by the
instructor I went to who seemed to very well informed and had great teaching methods. He was also an X Navy diver, though he was a combat swimmer.

Anyway my impression was the cert was a good thing, it seemed to aimed at the dive industry/dive insurance industry, it would give dive boat operators a way *out* if
they required it and the waiver that each certified solo diver can make available to them should an accident happen on thier boat. The instructor that trained me said that he had done 15
Certs, all by request, since he was certified to give solo instruction, he was certified as a Solo instructor in early may and I took my course in late may.

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