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Posted by Glenn on August 21, 2001 at 12:42:11:

In Reply to: Glen and Jack posted by Jim Hofffmann on August 21, 2001 at 10:52:20:

"Glen and Jack, are there time standards in PADI S/P for lecture and Pool training (if there are no time standards then you can do it in 80 min.)?"

I repeat my initial challenge to you again: Explain/prove to me how it is possible to go over all the material, video, lectures, quizes, hands on demos, confined water training, etc. as well as the 4 dives @ 20 minutes (minimum) each. Explain to me how it can be done. As a PADI instructor you know for yourself that this can not be done. Or are you insecure with your teaching and instructional ability that you need to have even more direction on conducting a class?

Just because there are no minimum time standards, it doesn't mean or prove diddly. The student must be able to demonstrate a set of skills. If he can't perform the skills he shouldn't be passed.

"Do you think that you get a self-reliant diver in a weekend program?"

The only "weekend" programs that I am aware of are for the "resort" diver certification. A honeymooning couple in Hawaii that is looking to go diving along a couple reefs and check a few things out. Are they self-reliant, hell no. Even PADI acknowledges that by requiring that they dive with a professionally certed diver.

"Do you think the that we should start 8 year olds on scuba?"

Are you truely an instructor? As far as I am aware (and I'm not an instructor) the only program open to 8 year olds is the PADI Seal team or Bubblemaker. It's a pool cerification only. Have you even looked at the program? Check out What's wrong with letting them learn how to use scuba in a pool and controlled situation. If you want to flame PADI for allowing this, you must include SSI as they introduced it first with their Scuba Rangers program. Again it is a pool certification, a pool they are already going to jump into and swim to the bottom of.

As for open water certifications age 10 is required for a Junior OW cert, and even then they have a 40 foot depth limit and must dive with certified parents/legal guardians. Furthermore, they still must pass the same exams and perform the same skills as anyone else seeking an OW cert.

"I have been a PADI instructor since 1975 my Instructor number is 6301, I have been active since then an have certified over 6000 students."

And this is supposed to mean what to me? It doesn't hold much weight since you don't appear clear yourself on current training requirements.

If you are going to bash an agency, at least get your facts about them straight. Again, show me that I am wrong.


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