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Posted by kelphead on August 24, 2001 at 20:28:01:

In Reply to: give it up will ya posted by cabo on August 24, 2001 at 18:39:27:

"Jacket has cumerbund which inhibits free breathing"

bingo! you are the only person i know of--besides me--who
has mentioned this point. the cummerbund on the
'diva qd' seems to be positioned higher than, say,
other (men's) jacket b.c.'s and i noticed instantly
what a difference it was to wear the backplate rig:
i could actually breathe.

that's what i meant by comfort when i switched.

however, and i know that others may jump on me
for this, but to be fair, i never ever ever
felt my b.c. "riding up" on me; it just never
did that, unlike the 'zeagles', i've been told.

also, my tank was never unstable on my back, i
never felt the tank move around at all.

{and just to boot, although i've heard many a'story,
neither of my wt pouches ever fell out accidentally,
even w/11#'s in each of them--this is when i started
out diving!)

so, yes, there are tons of negs when it comes
to jacket style b.c.'s, but i have to honor mine
and mention that i did not have the same problems
that a lot of other divers have complained about.
i only had two issues w/my jacket b.c.: comfort and
air trapping--honest!

= : )

the backplate rig gives me more comfort and better
buoyancy control.


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