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Posted by MHK on August 29, 2001 at 09:55:41:

Doesn't it strike many as strange that in the very same post that Chris accuses me of contributing to the acrimony that he refers to some as *wanna be clones*. In the past Chris has called me a cultist, a zealot, a BS artist, just to name a few, but then hides behind the FAQ's that he violates ad nauseam. In the past I have publicly called upon Chris to explain the apparant double standard and to clarify the rules of the game. None of the editors responded and what puzzled me about the entire mess yesterday is that if you look at the amount of personal attacks leveled at me on this list in the past 3 days you'll see an extremely high disporportion, and the editors respond by precluding me from posting. I appreciate that other have arrived at the same conclusion about the editors as I have known for some time. The selective and self-serving editing has reduced the credibility of the editors and in that vein this might be a good idea for them to publicly explain why it is OK for them to call me a BS artist, a religious zealot, a cultist and self-appointed know it all etc. etc. etc.. We all know it's there ball and they can take it and go home whenever they want, but yesterday was a joke in my view...

As to the larger picture, which is how to best use this forum to improve local diving and to share diving tips and suggestions. DIR fundamentally is about a safer and more efficient way to dive. Chris is a reckless diver that takes entirely too many chances in my view and has couched his comments behind the disclaimer that * he isn't trying to get people to dive like him*. That's a good thing because no one should be following his diving habits. He has made a conscious choice to increase his risk levels underwater, and I respect his right to make those choices. However, in light of the 19 fatalities in the last 17 months, I choose to exhaust my eforts on this list by bringing attention to risky behavior. Chris and I don't share the same view and as such we often disagree. I do so by backing everything I say up with rational and well thought out reasoning. I can't remember the last time that Chris backed up any one of his posts with sound rational..

One of the many mistakes that Chris made yesterday was that he didn't trust the reader's of his own BBS to arrive at their own conclusions.. Anyone that follows this list for any material amount of time is very capable of forming their own conclusions based upon the merits of the posts. Unlike the recent proliferation of sockpuppets, you all know who I am, where I stand and I regularly put on DIR Demo's and allow people to go right to the source.

I speak bluntly and sugar coating things isn't my strong suit. I call a spade a spade and if that is too much for some, my suggestion would be to let the market place work through the issue. No one forces anybody to read my posts. If I'm too harsh then the best thing to do is not open my posts.. The yellow journalism censorship has deeply reduced the intended value of this list..

The fatality rate has increased by 50% in the last 2 years and we are quickly becoming the highest fatality state in the country and some would have you believe the reduced quality of training has had nothing to do with it. I argue [ as you know ;-) ] otherwise.. Passion and emotion often get the better of the debates, and my sense is that is done by design by the other's on the opposing side. By creating the side shows they focus the attention off of their reckless ways, the debase the debate to the gutter and then attempt to claim some ficiticious moral high ground. The hypocrcy stinks to high heaven with the editors. Shame on me for allowing them to drag me down with them, but we're all grown up on here and must accept responsibility for our own actions..

I wish some of the editors would spend less time worrying about a nice touchy feely list and worry more about the body counts that are adding up...

It is clear to me, based upon Chris' actions, that he is fed up with DIR discussions, but just because he is the editor does he get to pick and choose what we talk about????? If so, please include that on the FAQ's so all will know, or better yet why don't Chris post each morning suggestions for the day's threads...

Anyway, this is going on too long. The fact of the matter is if you want to talk diving I'm happy to do it. But if you flame me I'll flame back. I don't usually start the flames but I'm less inclinded then other's to back down once they start..


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