Karl, a backplate is easy to ditch...

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Posted by Daryl on August 29, 2001 at 10:37:43:

WRT to your post below;

1. A properly rigged backplate is easy to "ditch". Most people I have seen wear the shoulder straps WAY too tight. Waist and crotch strap tight, a few fingers worth of slack in the shoulders. With a proper fit, ditch or 'don' is a piece of cake. (If it works for me, believe me it will work for anyone)

2. True DIR wil have a "balanced rig" which kinda precludes the need for ditching of weights in an emergency. But...

3. The canister light averages 6 lbs. negative, and is pretty easy to ditch if the need to does arise

4. The DIR knife, worn in the same position on every DIR diver, so you know where it is even in complete silt out, is the quick release
for the harness if for some reason all else fails. Of course, this makes the 'don' part a little difficult, but what is more important, a life or $15 worth of webbing?

5. True DIR divers have a buddy with similars skills, condition, training, etc. Therefore, your "rescue assistance" most likely would not be required.

6. Karl, like you and many others on this board, I have been diving a long time, (25 years...am I that old???) and in the 1000 plus pacific dives, 1000 plus warm water dives, and 200 plus full cave dives I have never seen or had to 'ditch' weights.

IMHO, one of the factors contributing to misinformation regarding backplate/one piece/harness and wings is that only a few retailers are actually versed in the proper rigging and use of them.

J. Walker, MHK, Jim Hoffman and others would be able to offer a backplate user several tips that sure make things easier.

Anyway, just my opinion, and we all know what thats worth!
Take care,
Daryl in Palm Springs

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